Highlighting the People Behind the Brand

Becoming a leading Fintech Mortgage Lender is about more than just having the right technology. It’s also about the people behind the brand.

At WCM, we believe in nurturing a culture that supports our employees’ desires to succeed through community outreach, personal clarity into their career potential via best in class technology, and accountability to our values.
These values encompass traits and mindsets crucial to our goal of empowering our employees. 

They include:

Keen Judgement

Making wise decisions by thinking strategically and articulating your wants, needs, and goals.

+1 Service

You seek what is best for Wyndham Capital, not what is best for you or your group. You are egoless when searching for the best ideas. You avoid “us” and “them” and make time to help your fellow employees.


Inspiring others with your tenacious thirst for excellence. You care intensely about our customers and our people while celebrating wins and creating an environment of energy and motivation.


Questioning actions inconsistent with Wyndham Capital’s values. You are respectful when you disagree with others and treat everyone as you would want to be treated.


You are eager to learn and seek feedback, looking to understand our strategies and customers. You use this gained knowledge to communicate effectively inside and outside your area.

While we rely heavily on technology, we value even more our team of dedicated staff that keeps our business thriving. We’ve created a digitally connected community; we encourage transparent communication and empower our employees to innovate and help drive the business forward.

We empower our employees by removing repetitive, administrative tasks from their to-do list and help them establish a work-life balance.

Freedom & Flexibility

As a WCM loan officer, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work when and how you want. You won’t be tied to the office. You’ll have the option of working remotely at a time and place convenient for you using our leading-edge technology. Our robotics work behind-the-scenes for you 24/7/365. 

Our loan officers still produce record-setting numbers working remotely on a schedule that works best for their life. At WCM, you won’t have to choose between your home life and your career.

Our Culture

To serve our customers at the highest level, it starts with a dynamic culture that supports you. Wyndham Capital Mortgage’s corporate culture empowers our employees. We believe that if our team has a greater sense of purpose in their jobs and lives, it will translate directly into continuous improvement in our systems and processes. Our employees bring their best ideas and initiatives to the table with a sense of excitement, ownership, and pride in an empowered organization. In turn, as a company, WCM leadership has a culture of listening and continuously looking to improve the life and work of our employees.

Five-Star Reviews

Our customers have given us over 8,000 five-star reviews.

Completely Satisfied

Percent reviews where customers were completely satisfied.

Award-Winning Service

LendingTree Customer Satisfaction Awards since 2015.

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