Regional Leader Karen  Mayfield
Retail Sales
Karen Mayfield
VP of Retail Sales

Karen Mayfield empowers your human potential so you can focus on helping people get into homes.

Why Come Work for Wyndham Capital Retail Sales?

Join a premier Fintech Mortgage Lender that combines some of the best in technology with the best people. Wyndham Capital’s retail lending division offers a deliberate investment in technology and people to achieve the success you crave without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility you want.

Take advantage of Wyndham Capital’s technological prowess to close purchase loans on time or early, backed by our $5,000 On Time Closing Guarantee*. Expand your retail business in local markets with the backing of a lender that equips you with tools to help grow your individual brand. Our goal is to spend less time processing, and more time selling allowing you to deliver on our commitment to provide superior customer service.

Working at Wyndham Capital doesn’t just mean joining a forward-thinking lender focused on building a best-in-class retail sales force. It also means staying engaged and connected. We value transparent communication and stand by our belief our employees are our customers too. We demonstrate that philosophy by listening to our employees and empowering them to do what they do best. Instead of monotonous tasks that amount to busy work, we equip our retail loan officers with the resources to achieve success with an uncommon, desired work-life balance.

We’re accustomed to doing things differently at Wyndham Capital, and our retail division is no exception. We’re investing in retail loan officers who will help us explore new ground, expand into new markets and build a robust retail operation that’s focused on helping home buyers achieve their dreams in the way they deserve.

Come be part of what we’re doing!

*If we fail to close a borrower’s loan on time as promised, Wyndham Capital Mortgage will guarantee up to a $5,000 credit toward their closing costs. While it is our goal to provide our On-Time Closing Guarantee, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside this window. Exclusions may apply. Please visit for more details.

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Wyndham Capital delivers top-notch customer service for its customers. But just as important, they have the tools loan officers need to build their business. It really is the best of both worlds.

Karen Mayfield

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