Regional Leader Aaron Schierbaum
Salt Lake City
Aaron Schierbaum
Sales Manager

Aaron Schierbaum empowers your human potential so you can focus on the important work from the lovely city of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why Come Work for Wyndham Capital in Salt Lake City?

Come to a company where we empower employees to maximize their potential through our Fintech Mortgage Lender processes and technology. This empowerment allows them to achieve the success they crave without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility they want.

Our newest location in Salt Lake City is nestled between picturesque mountains and close to beautiful lakes and parks. It’s also home to a prime growing market of first time home buyers, making it a perfect place to lock loans and hit the slopes. Our Salt Lake City location is a place where our culture lives in each person through a standout culture and common goals.

We’ve created a digitally connected community through best-in-class technology and transparent communication, where our employees can feel supported and invested in helping drive the organization forward.

We tend to do things a little differently at Wyndham Capital, forging new ways for our teams to maximize efficiency, succeed together and be a part of something special.

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I love what we offer our customers! Wyndham Capital’s commitment to customer service shines through in every interaction and experience, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Aaron Schierbaum

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